Welcome to The Piano in the Fire! Here you’ll find the space where Wolfgang and I, guests and maybe you, exchange thoughts and ideas about music and other arts, across a range of styles and genres. We have broad interests and would like to share them with you.

This is a place for exploring music and art in detail. The intention here is not to present one-paragraph posts throughout the day, but rather to really consider the issues surrounding music and art and our perspectives on them.

Over time you’ll find philosophical discussions, analyses, explanations and speculations, as well as us simply sharing whatever we find interesting. Wolfgang and I are primarily musicians (you may read more about us here), but we’ll look at painting, literature and poetry as well, along with anything and everything else that captures the imagination.

Much of what we write will be non-technical and accessible to anyone interested in the topics, but some literacy is always helpful. There will be writings that require advanced knowledge of music, but we will present non-technical summaries when possible, and in any case we’ll warn you first.

The many worlds of music and the other arts hold infinite mysteries and wonders, so stay, read, and share your own thoughts in kind. We hope you’ll enjoy your time here.

Thank you for visiting!

Brendan Owen Keenan
12 May, 2012